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Basil Seasoning

  • Used to add a rich and fragrant basil flavour to your dishes
  • Adds a premium basil flavour for your pizza, pasta, avocado toast, sauces and marinades
  • Made with handpicked basil leaves that are freeze dried

Oregano Seasoning

  • Packed with flavor for your favorite Italian dishes
  • Made with premium quality Oregano
  • Great as a cooking and seasoning addition

Pasta Seasoning

  • Delicious blend of herbs and spices to give your food that true Italian flavour
  • Ideal for adding a delicious kick to pasta dishes
  • Season your pasta to make it extra special
  • Use this seasoning to jazz up your favourite meal
  • Made with fresh ingredients and authentic Italian flavours

Spicy Red Chilli Flakes

  •  A wonderful spicy topping that is always on your cooking list
  • Flakes are sourced from the marvellous fields of Rajasthan, India
  • Puneet Masala Red Chili flakes release a burst of spiciness into your dishes
  • Finely ground for a perfect finishing touch
  • Rajasthan-sourced